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During the course of his mission, Leon is helped by Luis Sera , a man who later revealed he was a researcher who worked for Saddler, but betrayed him. As Leon progresses however, he finds the transmission hijacked by the cult, and he is forced to fend for himself. As they found him at the front of the train Simmons tried to divert their attention at first by placing blame on Ada Wong, then tried to rationalize his actions. Are you crazy for cacti or swooning over succulents? She provides assistance to Leon, but has a fight of her own to battle out as well.

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Contents [ show ]. Sleepless nights spent tossing and turning only leads to feeling Leon followed the trio, overhearing the Ataman begging Buddy to carry on their goal for a new future without him. Arriving in time to help Chris kill of the remaining zombies of the first wave, the duo were confronted with even more zombies. A 28 year old Leon was selected by the president to take charge of the S.

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2. Sherry returned the same question to Leon, in which he responded that he and Helena were trying to track down Simmons, the man behind all of the chaos.

Leon was able to finally wrestle the knife away from the infected attacking him, driving it into the back of its head. On their way through the university, they eventually come across a man who guides Leon and his partner, Helena, through the campus in a search for his missing daughter, Liz. His subsequent training as a government agent turned him from a simple police rookie into an expert special agent.

This urged Leon to help push JD through the gap in the door, the added help finally pushing the heavy man through as Leon followed right behind. Leon attempted to help Buddy flee but they were unable to outrun them. As he attempted to make his escape, he asked Belikova if she was "the beekeeper", the one who released the Plaga. During the course of his capture, Leon learned the blond-haired man - who greatly expressed his love of American food and movies - went by the name JD and his comrade was Buddy. Buddy escapes, and Leon pursues him.

As he attempted to make his escape, he asked Belikova if she was "the beekeeper", the one who released the Plaga. They took note of the helicopter Ada had left for them and rushed to it, though Simmons - newly mutated into a massive amalgamation of different insects - tried to stop them once more. After his bold move, Leon continued on to the rendezvous point where he encountered his CIA contact who went by the code name Scarecrow. Namespaces Article Talk. This article contains information on new or unreleased content, and may not be complete, confirmed or correct.

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Leon Scott Kennedy

Helena asked Leon if the ordeal was finally over to which Leon replied, "Yeah His relief is short-lived, as the earlier two Tyrants soon after emerged from the Presidential Palace. Leon and Helena dismissed his remarks as Simmons became more enraged and eventually succumbed to the effects of the enhanced C-Virus, his body rupturing and granting him the ability to mutate into a larger canine-like creature of bone and muscle tissue. Buddy arrives and blames Leon for what happened; however, JD claims Leon is not their enemy. Buddy attacked on one of the soldiers which provoked Leon to attack two of the soldiers near him.

Farmhouse meets contemporary in the most beautiful way! Leon returns to his vacation, Hannigan informs him that Belikova has resigned from her position. Though before anymore could be said of the issue, soldiers raided the basement room.

Leon was not willing to leave until he found confirmation and proof of the rumors and denounced his orders, proceeding on without U. Leon and Helena fight their way out of the campus and escape on a police car; however, it crashes, forcing them to proceed through the sewers, where zombies, dogs and running subway trains stood in the way. Further notes.

Dean Brody & Dallas Smith: Friends Don’t Let Friends Tour Alone 2019

Leon fights against Krauser for the last time, and eventually saves Ashley and himself after removing Plaga from within them by using a special radiation machine, developed by Luis late during his mission. Incorporating self-care activities into your daily life is important for Leon began to question the health of the old man, the Ataman Ivan Judanovich , who began coughing profusely. With the leaves turning and the light changing, autumn is

Ready or not, fall has officially arrived! Responding that he perhaps this time they can get to the truth, Buddy promptly punched Leon and had the other rebels take him hostage again.