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Resident evil leon ada

Her eyes had already run down his body toward his abdomen. That Night. Beckoning Leon to follow her to the roof, Ada flew to the top.

Leon and Ada

She recovered shooting the monster multiple times in the face which retaliated by throwing her at a console but eventually falling in the furnace as its weight broke the railing. Why did you put yourself in that position? Taking a moment, he began to rub the stiffness from his neck. A chuckle then escaped his lips.

1. She managed to receive critical information from him, but he perished at the hand of a monster that was prowling around in the precint.

2. Do you want me, Leon?

Of course he did. Holding his hands against his pant legs, he looked back and watched her smile grow with his answer. Her eyes sparkled with delight as she watched him set it on the back of a chair. When she reached the desk however, she slowly turned to set down the bottle and glasses. Leon was pulled from his thoughts when he felt the dull ache in his left shoulder — a testament to the bullet he had taken for her back in Raccoon.

She cocked her head and stared at him. Why in the world was he doing this?

I know that it took quite a bit of courage for you to tell me that. Maybe she had acquired an innate ability to read people? I went wild — getting into fights at school at the drop of a hat. She was staring back at him with the same gentle smile on her face as she watched him speak.

Ada leaves him under the cover of her exploding sunglasses as she escapes out the window.

♥*Ada Wong&Leon S.Kennedy in the Resident evil*♥

He closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Ada finally defeated Carla by shooting a leak of nitrogen gas that froze and shattered her body. Leon later helped her out and the they traveled to the NEST.

Her face was the first thing that greeted him. Even as inexperienced as he was with the opposite sex, all of the signals she was giving him led him to the conclusion that this visit was for something more. After her confrontation with Annette, she realised that the pendant belonged to her daughter and held a sample of the G-Virus. To protect others?

However, as soon as he faced her, she quickly placed her hands on his chest and shoved him backwards. Once he had arrived however, he had found more than he had bargained for. He opened his eyes and looked at her.

She would have already known many of these basic facts about him from their time together, but some of her knowledge appeared to run deeper — much deeper than anything she could find out from a dossier on him. Chapter 2 - That Night: Her lips continued on as she kissed his right cheek and continued down toward his ear.

The mangled car…The hospital morgue… The sheets being pulled back revealing… He shut his eyes tight. Of course he did. I admire that so much about you — a simple purity that is hard to find in most men. Ada , he thought to himself, what are you doing in Paris?